Restorations Enabled by Phase One Donors


Repairs and restoration of the Church exterior are underway, enabled by the generous and deeply appreciated gifts of those donors who have pledged during the first phase of the Open Doors Campaign. Our architectural firm, Jan Hird Pokorny Associates, specializes in projects for landmarked historic structures like ours. Our conservation architect, Michael Devonshire, directs the work, which at present is focused on long-delayed repairs to the roofing and facade of our church buildings.


Each day, workmen climb scaffolding that’s being erected around different areas of the spires and roofs to examine and assess the church’s hundreds of miles of roofing and gutters and thousands of individually-carved limestone blocks to assess where water damage from rain and snow is taking place.  For the limestone blocks where damage is evident, each block must be removed, rusted underlying steel pins removed and replaced with stainless steel rustproof pins, and the block must be replaced or in some cases re-carved and then replaced.


In addition to this process several stories above street level, work has continued on painting and stabilizing the wood framing to dozens of landmarked 19th century windows, as well as custom fabrication of several one-of-a-kind exterior elements in irreplaceable terra cotta which must be newly created and then installed by skilled artisans.


Today’s exterior restoration is an investment in protecting the glorious interior of the church and all of its artworks, which were restored just a few years ago through the support of scores of parishioners. We salute the men and women who scale the heights of our church to perform this important work, and give our thanks once again to all whose charity and generosity have made this vital project a reality.

A workman applies waterproofing to a joint in one of the water handling areas of the roofing.

Scaffolding over the Rectory enables workmen to reach the stained glass windows and their surrounding carved stonework.

Artisans work to repair missing areas of stained glass and weakened leading elements in the windows.

Beautifully carved areas of limestone artwork like this one are carefully braced and stabilized while repairs are in progress.  

In this area, the limestone blocks and their rusted connecting plates and bolts have been removed for re-fabrication and re-installation, revealing the brick support structure below.