Why Give?

Every donor has an individual relationship with Saint Mary’s; no two seem to be alike. Here’s what we have learned from other donors who have shared their thoughts with us. Perhaps you wish to support Saint Mary’s at this time because:

  • Saint Mary’s has been a sanctuary to you in your hours of need

  • The beauty of its liturgy and services brings you closer to God

  • You value the traditions of Saint Mary’s, stretching back to Biblical beginnings

  • The church is an oasis of quiet, reflection and faith in the midst of city bustle

  • The sacraments renew your faith and restore your soul every week, every month, every year

  • The music transports you to a spiritual place of peace and beauty

  • You want your children and grandchildren to feel the embrace of this community of faith

  • Its daily “open doors” policy serves many who need refuge and peace

  • After other churches or spirituality,  you feel that you found your home here

  • The people of Saint Mary’s are a community of love and service

  • The church welcomes all and respects all

  • The Angelus keeps you in touch, even though you may live far away.


Photo by Natasha Singh

  •  A diverse and inclusive community, Saint Mary's practices a rich liturgical tradition grounded in its Anglo-Catholic heritage while being faithful to the 1979 Book of Common Prayer. The parish is part of the Episcopal Diocese of New York and offers services every day of the week, including mass and the daily offices.

  • The current church on West 46th Street in Times Square opened in December, 1895, and has been open every single day since then from 7am to 7pm for worship, prayer and refuge—one of the few remaining “open doors” churches in New York City today.

  • The church, which has been called “one of the finest Gothic-inspired designs,” was designated a New York City landmark in 1989 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.

  • The nearly 55,000 square foot Saint Mary’s complex includes the church itself, a parish house for clergy and a mission house for sisters, and includes a theatre, meeting rooms, an art gallery and a gift shop. 

  • Around 1,700 supporters around the country receive the Church’s weekly newsletter The Angelus, while 350 local members attend regularly and volunteer for Reader, Usher, Acolyte and Flower Guilds. 

  •  The church, designed by American architect Napoleon Le Brun as a French Gothic structure, is distinguished by a stained-glass rose window, oak carvings by master carver Johannes Kirchmayer,  and murals in the Lady Chapel by noted American artist Elliot Daingerfield.

  • The Church’s world class music program centers on its Aeolian-Skinner organ played by its Music Director who leads and accompanies a professional choir whose repertoire of Masses and motets stretches from the Middle Ages to works by living composers. The music program includes public concerts as well as music for the liturgy.

  •  In addition to worship, Saint Mary’s provides, directly and with partners, support to the hungry, the homeless, those with AIDS and addictions, and overseas charities in South Africa and Haiti.

  • The parish is governed by a lay volunteer Board of Trustees, with the rector serving as Board president.

  • An annual operating budget of just over $1 million is augmented by reserve and endowment funds of around $6 million, mostly received in the form of bequests from grateful parishioners.

Fact Sheet

The Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, New York City

Established in 1868, Saint Mary’s is a Province 2 Episcopal church in the Anglo-Catholic tradition, fondly called “Smoky Mary’s” for its use of custom-blended incense during services.